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The Sea Hawk plans to run OPEN BOAT trips daily. However, Private Charters often change our availability. Please call anytime or check out our calendar page ahead of time for our OPEN BOAT Schedule and what fish we are targeting. On our calendar please click on the date you plan on coming down and it will tell you the time and fish we are sailing for that day. Thanks Capt.Mike


***2019 Open Boat Trip Rates***

*All Morning Trips leaving at 7:30am or 8am- $65 Adults, $60 Seniors, $35 Kids(16 & under)

*Evening Striper Trips- $50 Adults, $45 Seniors & $25 Kids(16 & under)

* Afternoon Fluke or Porgy Trips- $45 Adults, $40 Seniors & $25 Kids(16 & under)

*Rental Rods- $5 - Includes first Rig & Sinker


***Season Schedule***



Morning & Evening Trips*

We start our season in April fishing for Striped Bass around Raritan Bay, Sandy Hook & in the Ocean. We anchor up fishing with fresh clams & bunker for bait but will jig them if they pop up around us. Striped Bass are a very exciting fish to catch and average around 26 to 40 inches. They fight very hard and are very good eating which makes them a very popular fish to catch for beginners and pros. As the water gets warmer the bluefish start entering the mix which makes for a lot of fun because lb for lb they are the strongest fighting fish in the ocean.

*June, July, Aug*- FLUKE

*Morning & Evening Trips*

As the water gets warmer and the Striped Bass start moving up north we start fishing for Fluke(Summer Flounder). This is New Jersey's most popular fish to catch. We fish in the channels, flats & around rocky bottom using spearing, bucktails and Gulp for bait. Average size for fluke is about 2lbs to 6lbs but most years you do see a 10lber called a doormat come over the rail. This is a great fish to eat and the best time to come out and enjoy a great day on the water with family and friends. These trips are great for anyone. 

*Sept & Oct*- PORGIES & SEA BASS

*Morning & Evening Trips*

When the fluke season is over we turn our attention to bottom fishing. We anchor up over wrecks, rocks and reefs fishing for these tasty fish. They are very fun to fish for and keep everyone busy at the rail all day. We use a high-low rig with #2 or #4 hooks with clams for bait. This is definitely fun fishing for everyone. Along with porgies and sea bass we also catch triggerfish, blowfish & spots. For the first time fisherman these are the best trips to come on.


Morning trips Only *

When the Stripers start the fall run down south we start fishing for them again. We will either anchor up and use clams for bait like we do in the spring, drift eels of the edges of the channels or the best way is to find big flocks of birds working on top of the water over schools of fish feeding on bait. When we find them we stop the boat right on them and cast out diamond jigs, rubber shads & top water lures to catch them. It can be very exciting and fast paced fishing. We also fish for Blackfish in Nov & Dec. Blackfish are a popular fish to catch and can be a little tricky at times to catch but when you get your first one you will be hooked. We use 2 anchors to hold the boat over the wrecks and rocks in the ocean where they live. They are very good eating fish. We use green & white crabs for bait.


***Species transition dates are at the discretion of Capt.Mike. We will post on our Fishing Reports, Facebook & Calendar page when we are switching for what we are targeting. Thanks Capt.Mike***

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