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Jun 14 2017

6/14 Fluke Report


Tomorrow 6/15 & Friday 6/16- 7:30am to 2:30pm & 5pm to 9pm

Also FATHERS DAY SUNDAY 6/18 at 7:30am to 2:30pm to 4pm to 8:30pm

6/14 Fluke Report- Hey everyone we were out with a nice crowd of great today and the weather was great as well. We fished a bunch of areas finding some fish on most. Bait was still the best but guys did have a pimple of keepers each on bucktails. POOLWINNER was Robert H Naeder with a beauty going 8.3lbs. With all of this warmer weather it's going to break wide open soon. Hope to see you soon. Thanks Capt.Mike

PS We are chartered both trips on Saturday

Jun 13 2017



Wed, Thurs & Fri- 7:30am to 2:30pm & 5pm to 9pm

Also Sunday Fathers Day- 7:30am to 2:30pm & 4pm to 8:30pm

6/13 Fluke Report- Today we had out the folks from Allied Building for their annual fluke charter. We fished a bunch of different areas today looking for a good bite but each spot only had a few fish here and there. Our best drift of the day was 8 keepers with high hooks having 2 each and pool fish went 4lbs. We are open boat the next few days and the weather is going to be a little cooler so it's the perfect time to get out on the boat also remember this Sunday is Fathers Day so just make sure you buy your tickets online or get there early because it is a busy day.


ALSO DOING OUR JULY 3RD FISHING & FIREWORKS TRIP. Trip will depart at 5pm starting off with fluke fishing then we will get set up for the Amboy Fireworks. After the fireworks end we will return to the dock. This is a great trip for families & friends and we can't wait to do it again this year. You can purchase tickets right off our website. Price for that trip is the same as our afternoon fluke trips. $45 per Adult & $30 for Kids

Jun 12 2017



Wed, Thurs & Friday at 7:30am to 2:30pm & 5pm to 9pm

6/12 FISHING REPORT- Hey everyone I have been to busy running all of the trips to post but here it goes. Over the weekend saw about the same with the fluke catching some shorts with a few nice keepers mixed in. Our biggest over the weekend was 6.5lbs. Plain spearing & Pink gulp seem to be working the best. The water is getting warmer everyday and I expect it to turn on in the channels where we always have our best fishing very soon. Today we had another charter and went sea bass fishing and did very well with everyone onboard catching plenty of fish to bring home for dinner. Hope to see you soon. Thanks Capt.Mike

Jun 10 2017

6/9 Good fishing AM & PM Trips


TONIGHT Sat 6/10 at 4pm to 8:30pm

TOMORROW Sun 6/11 at 4pm to 8:30pm

6/9 FISHING REPORT- Hey everyone we had out Chris & Greg's Annual Fishing trip with a great bunch of people. We decided to go sea bass fishing and had action all day with nice keepers mixed in. High hook had their limit. We also caught a few nice fluke to 3.5lbs. On the 5pm trip we had a good night with the action and nice keepers coming over the rail. We fished close to the dock and had plenty of fishing time. High hook had their limit of fluke and everyone caught fish. Overall it was a good evening with great weather. It looks like another good one for this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon leaving at 4pm. Hope to see you then. Thanks Capt.Mike

Jun 9 2017

6/7 & 6/8 FLUKE REPORT


FRIDAY 6/9- 5pm to 9pm

SATURDAY 6/10 & SUNDAY 6/11- 4pm to 8:30pm

6/7 & 6/8 FLUKE REPORT- Hey everyone we have been out everyday. On Wednesday we fished a few areas but with the wind against tide we were only able to catch a few fish here and there. High hook did have his limit and pool fish that was 3lbs. On Thursday we had the regs out and had a much better day fishing with keepers and short action all day. We had some limits and a bunch with 1 or 2 keepers. Our biggest one went 6lbs and there were also a couple of 4 & 5lbers. Overall it was a good day of fishing. We have Open Boat this weekend in the Afternoon and then next week we will be open on Wed, Thurs, Fri and of course Sunday(Fathers Day) at 7:30am & our Afternoon trips. Pics on Facebook like always. Hope to see you soon. Thanks Capt.Mike

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