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Sep 28 2012

9/26 Porgy & Sea Bass Report

Headed out with a nice crowd and right away i could see we were going to rock n roll most of the day. Started at the close drops and picked away at the porgies and sea bass. Today the fish were a little smaller and you had to pick thru them to build your catch. We headed down to where we caught them the day before and found a ton of fish but it was a 15 to 1 ratio on shorts to keepers. In the afternoon the weather got nice and it was a nice ride home. Everyone had fish to take home and the guys that stayed at the rail all day put a nice catch together. High hook was 24 porgies 3 keeper sea bass. Pool winner was Herman Love from Newark with a 3.7lb Sea Bass. We will be sailing OPEN BOAT again for Porgies & Sea Bass this Sunday at 7am. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

Sep 28 2012

9/25 Porgy & Seabass Charter

Hey everyone we had the Garden State Landscaping crew out to do some bottom fishing. Started out close and had a nice pick of porgies and sea bass. We caught sea bass up to 4lbs and porgies up to 2.5lbs. After that we headed south for some faster porgy fishing and thats what we got. You didnt even have enough time to reel in the slack and you had bites. The guys did good and it was a great day on the water. High Hook was 38 porgies 5 sea bass.

Sep 24 2012

9/24 Bottom & Striper Report

Hey everyone Sat morning we had the Jones Services charter out for some nice size porgies. After we had our fill of them we switched over to try a little bass fishing. We anchored up on the clam beds and caught 4 Stripers in an hour before heading in. Sunday was the opening day for sea bass and we had a decent day with them up to 5lbs and a nice catch of big porgies. High hook had 11 keeper sea bass and 28 porgies. Pool winner was Jesse Cornelio from Jersey City with a 5.3lb sea bass. Sunday afternoon was our last evening porgy trip and it was a good night with jumbo porgies and a few keeper sea bass. High hook for the evening was 24 porgies and a keeper sea bass. Now that its getting cooler out we are switching our evening trips over to Striped Bass. We will be sailing WED, THURS, FRI & SAT 5:30pm to 11:30pm and Sunday 4pm to 10pm. We will be fishing with clams and eels depending on the conditions so be ready for anything. We are still fishing for Porgies & Sea Bass every WED, SAT & SUN at 7am to 3pm. Next OPEN BOAT TRIPs will be Wed at 7am and also 5:30pm for Stripers. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

Sep 14 2012

9/14 Porgy Report

Hey everyone this morning we hosted Jack Daley's charter for a nice pick of nice size porgies up to 3lbs we also caught spots and blowfish. We had a great time and lots of laughs and you could not beat the weather. Tonight we had another decent pick of porgies up to 2.5lbs also some spots and blowfish were in the mix. Everyone went home with fish on both trips. We will continue porgy fishing and sea bass fishing when that opens back up again. We will be sailing OPEN BOAT tomorrow at 7am and also Sunday at 4pm. We will be starting Striped Bass fishing soon. There are a few around and we are just waiting for the water temp to cool off a little bit more so we can start fishing for them. Should be some time around Oct 1st but just keep checking in with us to see when we will be starting. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

Sep 13 2012

9/12 Good Porgy Fishing Again

Hey everyone we were out with a good crowd in the morning and picked at the porgies all day. Mediums to large porgies were in the mix. Made a few drops for the day and there was nice amount of fish on each drop. On our 5pm trip we headed back out and caught some nice porgies also some blowfish and triggerfish. We will be sailing Thurs and Fri OPEN BOAT at 5pm and also Sat morning at 7am for Porgies. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

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