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Oct 19 2012

10/17 Big porgies today!!!!

Hey everyone we were out with a nice crowd today and caught the big porgies and blackfish up to 6lbs. Everyone went home with a nice catch today. We fished a different area today and found bigger fish. High hook was 46 keeper porgies and their keeper blackfish. Average catch today was 30 to 40 porgies. We also had crabs on the boat for everyone to catch a few blackfish and there were some nice keepers on board like pool winner Garry Simmons from Hillside with his 6.2lber. We are chartered Sat morning but open boat Sun at 7am for Porgies & Blackfish also open boat on Sat & Sun for Stripers at 4:30pm to 10:30pm the bass have really picked up the past week. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

Oct 19 2012

10/16 Nice catch of Porgies & some Blackfish

We had a charter today with the guys from V & S Amboy Galvanizing from Perth Amboy for some bottom fishing on this windy day. The guys did very well with the porgies and some nice blackfish up to 5.5lbs. There were alot of smaller porgies today on the reef it was a 10 to 1 keepers ratio. We will have some crabs on our trips now for blackfish. Overall it was a nice day on the water. Thanks Capt.Mike

Oct 15 2012

10/15 Weekend Report & Update

Bottom fishing remains good. Both charters did well with porgies & sea bass Sat being the better day because of ocean conditions on Sunday but the guys hung in there and put a nice catch together. Sea Bass season is now closed for 2 weeks so we will be fishing for the porgies and have some crabs on board to make a drop or 2 for blackfish. Stripers fishing was hit or miss but we did have a couple of fish last night up to 12lbs and the water is cooling down fast now which should really get them going. We are only going to sail Sat & Sun evenings for Stripers right now at 4:30pm to 10:30pm because of lack of people but we will be sailing on those nights weather permiting. We will also be sailing open this week Wed & Sun for bottom fishing at 7am. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

Oct 11 2012

10/10 Rough Ocean With Tough Fishing Today

Hey everyone we were the only boat out in our area and we had a very rough ocean most of the day. We tried going in the ocean but it was to rough to fish and not much biting. We had to wait til afternoon for it to lay down and we were able to catch some porgies and a few nice sea bass. It was a tough day of fishing because of the conditions we had but we got the day in and by noon the ocean was nice and calm and we started catching some fish. We are chartered both Sat & Sun mornings but will be sailing OPEN BOAT this week for Stripers Thurs, Fri & Sat from 5:30pm to 11:30pm using clams and eels. Next Bottom fishing trip will be next Wed at 7am. The Stripers are off to a very close start but maybe this weather will bring them in and get them to bite. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

Oct 9 2012

10/8 Sea Hawk Fishing Report Good Fishing Continues

The fishing has been good with the Porgies & Sea Bass. Todays charter had a steady pick all day with mix size porgies and some nice size sea bass everywhere we went. We fished all over and found the best fishing at the last drop were it was drop & reel fishing. Everyone went home with a good amount of fish again. You have to love this time of the year. With this cooler weather this should be what we need to cool the water down and get these Stripers feeding and i think it will be soon. Thanks Capt.Mike. Hope to see you soon.

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