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Aug 12 2012

Johnston Supply Fluke Charter

8/12- Sunday we had the Johnston Supply charter out for a slow pick on fluke to 4lbs. The fishing did pick up in the afternoon with pretty good action and some nice keepers up to 5lbs. We also had a nice thresher shark that was caught on a rental rod.

Aug 11 2012

Sandy Hook Chris Wilson Fluking Charter

We started out with the chris wilson charter and fished the channels in deep water to find a nice pick of fish to 5lbs. Sat night we hosted the Keyport fishing club and found good action with the fluke and had some nice keepers to 4.5lbs

Aug 9 2012

8/9 Fluke Report

Both yesterday and today saw very good fishing with the shorts and keepers. We fished the channels all day in around 45 to 65ft of water. The current didnt get fast til late in the day which was good and we didnt need that heavy of sinkers til the last few drifts. Most people had 2 to 4 keepers some with 1 or 2. Pool winner was again Lou Delmastro from Paramus with a 4.3lb fluke. Both bait and bucktails worked well today. We will be sailing OPEN BOAT tomorrow on both trip. We are chartered both trips on Sat and Sun morning but OPEN BOAT Sunday afternoon at 4pm. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

Aug 7 2012

8/7 Fluke Report

Fishing remains good in the channels. We have been fishing on the edges and in the deep seeing alot of action. Today we had over 300 shorts plus we picked at some keepers. We didnt have to put that much weight on to hold bottom today but it different everyday. Both bait and jigs worked well with the boat bait and gulp. Joe Gaydos from Hampton was the pool winner with a 4.5lber. Today was a nice day to go fishing and so is tomorrow we will be sailing OPEN BOAT at 7:30am & also MAGIC HOURS at 5pm. Thanks Capt.Mike

Aug 2 2012


Good fishing again on both trips today. Morning trip had a ton of action with keepers and shorts. We have been fishing the big channels with alot of current so everyone should be ready to put on the big sinkers. Both bait and jigs worked well today and we caught fish on every drift. There are alot of fish out there and now is the time to get in on the action. Pool winner was George Zuhn from Sayreville with a 5.12lb fluke. Tonight on our MAGIC HOURS trip we went out a little bit and found much better fishing then we have found the past few afternoon trips with action on every drift with keepers and shorts. High hook was Bob Kubiak from Edison with his limit of fluke up to 4lbs. Pool winner was John Probst from PA with a 4.2lber. On our afternoon trips we are willing to go where ever we have to to catch fish. I have a hard time just sitting in the back just to try and get lucky with a few fish. We have been staying out a little later when we have to so that everyone gets the best chance to go home with fish. We go where the fish are. We are sailing OPEN BOAT tomorrow at 7:30am and also 5pm. Hope to see you down. Thanks Capt.Mike

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